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Sridhar November 16, 2001 02:23

Creating a Geometry in GAMBIT
Dear Gambit Users,

I have created a 90 degree elbow shaped geometry with circular cross section in 3D using Gambit, actually I want to study the turbulent flow in it. I am intrested in placing a small obstacle ( solid brick) right at the bend which hangs into the flow from the outer surface. I dont know how to create such type of geometry with a solid body inside it. I greatly appreciate if anyone can suggest me how to create this geometry.



anna November 21, 2001 15:07

Re: Creating a Geometry in GAMBIT
find the coordinate of the point in the centre of the pipe in its elbow area where you want to position the little brick. Using Tools Command Button/Cordinate System/Create Coordinate System/location and Orientation-Vertices, create new local coordinate system using this vertex (a coordinate point in the centre of the elbow) as the origin. Create a brick in this new coordinate system. Split the pipe volume with the brick volume. New volume you get will surround the brick, that will be the volume for the fluid, while to the brick volume you will assign Solid property under Continuum icon.


Erwin November 26, 2001 11:11

Re: Creating a Geometry in GAMBIT
Or just subtract the brick from the elbow

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