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madhava ram paranandi November 19, 2001 18:48

Discrete Phase Modelling

i am presently working on Discrete Phase Modelling in a tubular bowl centrifuge....i have been able to do the particle tracking pretty well i.e i got results which made sense,for a 100 micron and 50 micron particles....but somehow i am having trouble with 10 micron particles....what i mean to say is,no matter how dense a particle I introduce to the system the particle tracking gives the same residence time which doesnt make any other words, i introduced anthracite with density 1500 and gold 20000 and both of them gave me the same residence time!!!!!

david November 19, 2001 23:08

Re: Discrete Phase Modelling
A) is that 2-way coupling ? B) what is the st number ?


Jin-Wook LEE November 20, 2001 05:13

Re: Discrete Phase Modelling
Dear Sir

It might or might not make sense for small particles. If your flow direction is not changed abruptly, then particle trajectories for small particle are nearly same as fluid pathline, and the residense time might be very similar as that of gas residence time. That is, for very small particles, e.g., 1 micron, drag force might be very larger than particle inertia force, then residence time for particles of different density might be very similar. Please check your flow situation.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Madhava Ram Paranandi November 20, 2001 13:48

Re: Discrete Phase Modelling
Dear Mr.Lee,

thank you very much for throwing in your suggestion.i shall definitely look into it...

madhava ram

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