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Thejasvi November 21, 2001 00:45

two adjacent cell zones.
what does this mean "Error: pressure-outlet zone 3 has two adjacent cell zones." This is the error when doing the grid check.The pressure outlet zone 3 corresponds to a set of holes connecting two fluids;from the inner tube the fluid hits the inner surface of the external tube thru' these holes. please suggest help..

Jan Erik November 21, 2001 04:16

Re: two adjacent cell zones.
Hi! pressure outlet cannot have comp. cells on both sides of the face. Therefore u'll have to create an "empty box" sort of to define pressure otlet b.c.

Thejasvi November 21, 2001 06:44

Re: two adjacent cell zones.

actually a pressure outlet condition is not required on the holes .The condition to be specified is just outflow(no prior information is know here,except the fact that the fluid emerges out of these holes and hits a surface.) with outflow b.c the grid check fails.please suggest a method so that outflow b.c can be successfully applied.

Jan Erik November 26, 2001 09:35

Re: two adjacent cell zones.
why not interior faces? havent read u'r problem properly due to lack of free time ...

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