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gorman November 21, 2001 04:10

liquid level in a vertical pipe
Hi, If I have a vertical tube and wish to start with a liquid level at half-tube-height, how do i program the liquid level? which option in boundary condition define the liquid level?

thank you.

Sambasivam November 21, 2001 23:31

Re: liquid level in a vertical pipe

You can use the continuum zones option in Gambit. For that you need to divide your volume into two and you can specify the fluids in that particular volume using the continuum zones. This option you can access in the boundary conditions GUI in gambit. It is next to that.


anna November 22, 2001 12:44

Re: liquid level in a vertical pipe
create the tube of the same diameter, but the smaller hight (water level), as your initial tube. Split the larger tube with the smaller one. Another way of doing this is to create a face at the position where you want the water level to be. Split the tube volume with this face. Both ways will give you two volumes. Under Continuum icons assign to these volumes fluid properties, and give them names (e.g. water, air). Under Boundary condition icon, assign Interior to the face which divides these two fluid zones. In Fluent, open Materials Data base, and choose water. Under boundary conditions, choose your fluid zone where you want the water to be, and assign water as material.


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