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gino November 21, 2001 09:10

specific heat in UDF
Hi! Why the C_CP(c,t) in FLUENT 5 UDF does not work? How can define this parameter in UDF? Thanks, best reguards.


Greg Perkins November 21, 2001 21:30

Re: specific heat in UDF
You can't - don't ask me why though - its something Fluent dreamt up! You may be able to fudge this by modifying the density since the heat capacity is rho*Cp but be careful sine this will impact other terms in the eqns.


Michal November 22, 2001 02:42

Re: specific heat in UDF
I think that this macro works correctly but only in compiled version of UDF (not interpreted).

Greg Perkins November 23, 2001 00:16

Re: specific heat in UDF
Oh, sorry - I may have misunderstood.

There should be no problem using that macro to read the current value of CP in a cell. But what I meant was, you can't change the definition of CP using that macro in your udf. You can only use the definitions of CP that Fluent have provided.

If you find otherwise let me know.


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