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Dharmendra November 21, 2001 13:17

Question about GAMBIT
Hi, I have imported a IGES file from Pro-E.I have many virtual edges in my geometry.I want to create real faces by using some of theses virtual edges.I converted those virtual edges into reall edges but virtuall edges are "not disappeared" and when I try to make real face with the help of converted real edges,it says that it cannot operate real edges as they are associated with non-reall geometry. Please help me. Thanks Dharmendra

anna November 21, 2001 14:46

Re: Question about GAMBIT
Hello Dhamendra,

when you import an IGES file into Gambit, you have two options under Translator : Native, and Spatial. If you want real geaometry (edges, faces, vertices), choose Spatial Translator, (and selectNo-Stand alone, vetrtices, edges, faces). Native Translator gives you virtual geometry, and if you want to clean it, you have to delete virtual face, then edges, then vetrices, in order to be left with the real face which was beneath the virtual one you just deleted. This "cleaning" process can be tedious, so it's better to Import initial IGES file using Spatial Translator.

Regards, Anna

Dharmendra November 22, 2001 04:54

Re: Question about GAMBIT
Hi Anna, Thank you very much for your suggestion.I tried it successfully. with regards Dharmendra

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