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Morten Raudszus November 26, 2001 09:24

airfoil reynolds number
Hi, I'm a student in computational mechanics. We're simulating flow over a 2d-airfoil in High Lift. Is there a possibility to change the Reynolds Number to get the effects on Transitions? There's no direct option for this Fluent 5.5! Some hints would be fine. Morten

Chetan Kadakia November 28, 2001 12:49

Re: airfoil reynolds number
You can include turbulent boundary conditions of higher intensity, and you can even create a wire in the boundary layer that trips the flow to turbulent.

For Reynolds number of transition for a specific (or similar) airfoil, you need to check out some books.

jim clancy December 11, 2001 09:44

Re: airfoil reynolds number
Morten, Re=(density*velocity*length)/viscosity. if we assume the dimensions of your geometry are fixed, then you can increase your Re by increasing the density or velocity or both of then or even by decreasing the viscosity.

Chetan, Intoducing wire on the surface might help in the expeimental cases but not the computational ones.

Morten December 11, 2001 14:51

Re: airfoil reynolds number
Ok, I've tried this. This is not a Problem anymore. Now I'm trying to get the maximum lift coeffizient, lift is too high on high angle of attack. I thing we have to vary turbulent kinetic energy and the turbulent dissipation rate, some hints would be fine. thanks

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