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joby November 27, 2001 02:00

defined order of react ????
dear , my friend i want to simulate two mixtures in the same model . so , frist mixture include hydrogen and water vapor second mixture include oxygen , water vapor and nitrogen , i have written order of react in the same species panel , for example in FLUENT's solver Define/materials/mixture species H2,O2,H2O,N2, i choice H2 and H2O that defined mass fraction is 0.72 and 0.28 in Define/Boundary Condition panel(inlet 1) , describe oxygen is zero value . i choice O2 and H2O that defined mas fraction is 0.22 and 0.023 in Deinfe/Boudary Condition panel(inlet 2), describe hydrogen is zero value . Is this correctly~??????? tell me the correct answer . thank you very much.

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