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Danny Tan November 30, 2001 22:01

Supersonic Jet Flows
Dear Fluent people:

I wonder if you could share your experiences working with fluent on Supersonic jet.

I am not a Fluent user but I would like to know the ability of fluent code in solving the supersonic jet flow.

From my literature study, I found that it is important to incorporate the compressibility effect of the jet into the turbulence model in order to get the correct spreading rate of the jet. If I am not mistaken, currently none of the compressibility effect proposed by the researchers (Sarkar, Zeman, Wilcox, etc) received general acceptance.

Question: RE:(Two equation Turbulence Models built in fluent) How is Fluent handle this problem ? What kind of compressibility effect model that fluent suggests to solve the free supersonic jet ? What compressibility models does Flent have ?

Thank you


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