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cheong December 4, 2001 21:01

velocity inlet vs pressure inlet
hi, i have a water-air hilly terrain pipe flow. since i have both initial pressure and superficial velocity for both phases value. which type of inlet should i use (pressure or velocity inlet? thanks for any suggestion.

Jim Clancy December 4, 2001 21:26

Re: velocity inlet vs pressure inlet

cheong December 5, 2001 18:12

Re: velocity inlet vs pressure inlet
can i set these two parameter in fluent(velocity and pressure) amd where should i set these input?

jim clancy December 6, 2001 13:57

Re: velocity inlet vs pressure inlet
Sure, from the main menu select DEFINE>BOUNDARY you can define your boundary conditions..

cheong December 8, 2001 09:56

Re: velocity inlet vs pressure inlet
can i use velocity inlet and pressure inlet at the same time at the boundary condition? if not, which parameter should i use?

chiseung December 9, 2001 21:04

Re: velocity inlet vs pressure inlet
As I know, that is impossible. Moreover, you don't have to set both boundary conditions. When you give velocity inlet b.c. to the inlet, both pressure and velocity are calculated by SIMPLE algorithm. Default setting in pressure-velocity coupling method is SIMPLE. But, in this case, absolute value of pressure is meaningless, paraphrase, only pressure drop through your system is meaningful.

P.S. If you are more concerned about pressure value in your geomety, pressure inlet and pressure outlet b.c.s would be better.

shainath April 9, 2011 03:07

can anybody tell me if velocity inlet conditions are given in incompressible flow what should be the pressure in inlet for SIMPLE algorithm

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