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Paul Devereux December 5, 2001 10:49

Defining an Unsteady Flow
As a relatively new user of Fluent, I was hoping that somebody would be able to explain the basics of creating unsteady flow in Fluent. I am attempting to model blood flow through various geometries.

jim clancy December 6, 2001 15:35

Re: Defining an Unsteady Flow
Paul, Go to the main Define>>Solver, in this panel you can set your solver to unsteady...BUT..dont forget that blood is NON-NEWTONIAN fluid, where the NS slover cannot be applied accurately..good luck

santosh December 8, 2001 05:48

Re: Defining an Unsteady Flow
Paul, if you want some more help you can look into help>>basic physical models>>time dependent will get all the inputs you need for modelling unsteady flow.

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