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Sam December 5, 2001 20:27

When should you run a couple solution (so that the particle injections effect the flow)? Are there any rules of thumb?

Jin-Wook LEE December 5, 2001 20:34

Of course there is a rule of thumb. The most important parameter is,

(solid mass flow rate) / (gas mass flow rate).

As far as I remember(I've forgotten the reference), when the ratio exceeds 0.2, the interaction between gas and particle should be interacted.

You can simply test it by increasing the solid mass flow rate continuously.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Alain December 9, 2001 14:34

You also need to take into account a two way coupling if particles introduce mass, momemtum or heat source.

I sugest you to take a look at this book : Multiphase Flows With Droplets and Particles Clayton Crowe, Martin Sommerfeld and Yutaka Tsuji

It will enlight you on DPM flow modelling.

Best regards


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