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Martin Nilsson December 6, 2001 10:45

reference pressure
Hello all.

FLUENT uses the absolute pressure in the calculations, that is, a gage pressure is entered in the boundary condition definition and this is added to the reference pressure. We get

Pabs = Pref + Pgage where Pgage is what you set at the boundary.

Now, can the reference pressure be set to zero for the segregated implicite solver or the coupled implicite solver?



jim clancy December 6, 2001 16:08

Re: reference pressure
I think for both, but it is recommneded by FLUENT to use zero ref. pressure with compressible flow disregard implicit or explicit, segragate or coupled..good luck

Peter December 15, 2001 18:16

Re: reference pressure
If you don't set reference pressure to zero in compressible flow, it can happen that round off errors can distort your solution. You can modify the pressure reference level no matter the formulation of the solver. You can change it in Define+Operating Conditions and read user guide chapter seven for a comprehensive explanation.

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