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Boisson December 7, 2001 12:22

absolute pressure limited
I want to fill a bottle of gaz with a inlet pressure of 300 bars. The solver is coupled explicit, rke, unsteady. Then I choose the following boundary conditions : the entry is defined as a pressure-inlet; Gauge Total Pressure= 833e5 Pa, Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure= 300e5 Pa (in order to have Mach=1 at the entry), T=300 K. During the calcul the "absolute pressure is limited to 50e5 Pa in 30 cells". Consequently the pressure in the bottle can't reach the wanted pressure (300 b). I would like to know why the pressure is limited and how it is possible to change this maximum.


Alain December 9, 2001 14:21

Re: absolute pressure limited
You can change this value in solve/controls/limits menu.

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