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Roger December 12, 2001 11:44

How to simulate a shrinking bed
in which the bed was shrinked in the reaction process? this means the simulated zone decreased instead of tranlational moving. any solution for this kind of process in Fluent? Thanks all!


S. Mahesh December 13, 2001 08:52

Can i do acoustics in Fluent 5.0 ?

I am new to fluent, and hence this question. is it possible to extract acoustic information from fluent? is it possible to extract pressures from the code for further use in other programmes?

Thanks for your help.


JosÚ Carlos December 19, 2001 13:53

Re: Can i do acoustics in Fluent 5.0 ?
Sorry, but in Fluent 5 I don┤t think so. Fluent 6 (we continue waiting...) say that will support export field of pressure and velocities in ASCII platform, and another options than Lighthill analogy. Check this link for more information. Regards JosÚ Carlos

S. Mahesh December 20, 2001 07:41

Ffowcs-Williams Hawkings Equation
Thanks for that answer. Is it possible to extract surface pressures for use in a user written external programme? Where can i get more help on implementing the Ffowcs_Williams Hawkings equation as developed by Farassat and Succi? This information will be enormously helpful to me. Is it true that farfield acoustic pressures can be directly predicted without having to do a cfd analysis first?

Thanks for your help.


JosÚ Carlos December 26, 2001 06:36

Re: Ffowcs-Williams Hawkings Equation
Hello Mahesh

Sorry, but my knowledges about noise in CFD are of beginner. Something I have heard about Ffowcs equation of Farssat but I don't know how is used...

I think that in Fluent 6 It can be simulate for example, flow through a valve and the results (pressures field, or velocities field...) can be exported by ASCII to another program of noise prediction, for example, SYSNOISE...

Regards and Merry Christmas

JosÚ Carlos

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