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Greg Perkins December 13, 2001 22:04

Fluent 6 - Good or Bad?
I've heard that Fluent 6 is about and should be distributed on CD in Jan. I think you can get it via ftp now.

I heard that the Eulerian model is only isothermal - there is no potential for heat transfer!!! If this is correct - what have Fluent Inc been doing all this time. Heat transfer in the Eulerian models has been in 4.5 for years - why isn't it in 6.0???

I also notice that their blurb states you can "try" out the defomring mesh models. This implies to me they aren't that confident of them.

Given that this release has been pushed back so much, its disappointing that it still doesn't fully replace 4.5. I just don't understand!

Should customers consider CFX for industrial multiphase flows!?

Anyone got any experience or reasons...?


newbie December 13, 2001 23:05

Re: Fluent 6 - Good or Bad?
Fluent 6.0 has been released to beta testers from the industry, to my knowledge, since approximately September this year.

Is there anyone who can answer Greg's questions?

I'm really interested to ear some opinions.


jay jayaram January 16, 2002 16:10

Re: Fluent 6 - Good or Bad?
I am interested in knowing any bad experience in using Fluent for turbomachinery especially submersible pumps as well as gas separators which will be 2 phase flow with multiple reference frames. I am comparing CFX-5 with Fluent6.0 Any recommendations or suggestions are welcome.


Jay Jayaram

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