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R.D.Prabhu December 17, 2001 17:06

saving figures in batch mode

I have the following problem :

I wish to know whether we can save figures (like..file/hardcopy/save..)...while running FLUENT in the batch mode. (i.e with the FLUENT -g option)

The other problem I am facing is: I run the following command at the unix prompt: "fluent -g inputfile & outputfile & " with the inputfile given as : " 3d

rc case_filename

rd data_filename

it 1000

exit "

The case file consists of all the necessary commands to store the images ( in Solve/monitor/Commands).I am simulating an UNSTEADY case.

What is surprising is ..FLUENT seems to be running the steady state version of the problem. Why is this so ? Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks


glenn creten December 18, 2001 06:23

Re: saving figures in batch mode
Dear Prabhu,

To save figures during the computation, setup commands in solve/monitor/commands is the appropriate way. To have the transient case running, the command is solve/dual-time-iterate #t #i, with #t the number of time steps and #i the number of iterations per time step.

Good luck!

R.D.Prabhu December 18, 2001 11:05

Re: saving figures in batch mode
Thanks Creten,

That helped in solving half my problem. The other half is :

Running FLUENT in the background with the "-g" option ( with all the graphic commands in the Solve/monitor/commands) generates the followinmg error:"Error: No graphics functions are available."..How then can one save figures while running FLUENT in the background ?



chiseung December 19, 2001 21:01

Re: saving figures in batch mode
There are two kinds of batch jobs in FLUENT solver. TUI and GUI mode. You've already used TUI mode but it doesn't seems to be done well. So, how about using GUI mode? GUI mode can save your whole batch procedures and easy compared with TUI mode in case of you don't know the exact command language.

"File->Start journal"

I guess you can solve your problem.

P.S. It's possible to mix GUI and TUI mode but don't use many GUI mode.

Clinton Lafferty December 20, 2001 12:36

Re: saving figures in batch mode
I ran into the same problem a year ago running .v5.3. The explaination then was that the -g option is more for the solution of the problem instead of post processing. If your post processing machine is memory limited search the documentation for a switch that only activates the pre/post processor without the solver or maybe use "fluent -help". Post processing transient data has been a numerous topic so do a search on older messages. However the best suggestion is to write a small C code routine to generate a post processing journal file. I hope there is better way in the new versions of FLUENT.

Will Anderson August 19, 2010 11:19

Export solution as cgns...
You can export your solution(s) as CGNS or TECPLOT files which are ASCII data files containing field data. These can be visualized in batch mode using proprietary software such as tecplot or freeware such as gnuplot, generating eps/jpg output without having to open up any GUI window(s).


You will be prompted to give which surfaces on whom the data should be exported, the variables which you want to be exported, and the file name. Watch out for large files!

obylong June 12, 2014 11:33

Error: No graphics functions are available. Error Object: ()

I am having problems running my transient simulation of a bluff body with fluent in batch mode. An error message stated below comes up.

Error: No graphics functions are available.
Error Object: ()

My journal file script reads like this;

; Read case and data files

file read-case-data Rc_transient.cas

solve/set/time-step 2.0e-4

solve/dual-time-iterate 100 20


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