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zhang December 21, 2001 08:15

swirl factor
Hello everyone, I solved the swirling flow in cyclone, after I turned on the Swirl dominated flow option on Viscous Model Panel, how can I define the value of Swirl Factor? Please help me ,thank you .

Jin-Wook LEE December 26, 2001 05:23

Re: swirl factor
As far as I know, it's optimization parameter. That is, it should be optimized(or calibrated) to the your flow situation.

And, as far as my experience is concerned, RNG model is not good approach for cyclone analysis(for me, cyclone separator). RSM shoud be applied to solve swirl characteristics, especially, swirl velocity. By using k-e RNG model, 'angular momentum conservation' was not observed.

Sincerely, Jinwook

david January 16, 2002 02:23

Re: swirl factor
Jinwook... can you please make comment on the capability of 'angular momentum conservation' of k-e Realizable model ? DC

NMohsennia April 23, 2012 09:18 you work in fluent program?is it your question:you want to know how you can use swirl factor in fluent?

Ali.nabavi July 24, 2012 09:05

Hi friends

Im modelling the swirling impinging flow. i dont how could i find the optimum value of swirl factor. im using K-E RNG. i should mentioned by suing RSM my solutions dont converge ( they diverge).


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