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Gail December 23, 2001 13:44

The truth about Fluent 6
Have you read the blurb?

Multi-phase thats works on industrial problems? This is simply not true. The Eulerian model works as badly as the Fluent 4 version and that isn't well. This isn't a surprise as they have just moved the model across from Fluent4.

This is basically all the normal spin we get from the Fluent marketing machine. If only their product was as good!

I would advise you to stick to Cfx for multi-phase applications. From what I hear about Cfx5.5, its even better than Cfx4 for some applications.

Dont even start me on their 'new super parallel solver'. They said it was a Beta release, but they never got back to me and its been released now.

Please somebody tell me, why did we have to wait 3 years for this?

Carlos December 30, 2001 12:15

Re: The truth about Fluent 6
I totally agree with this. Fluent 6 was supposed to solve the problems I was having and its no better than Fluent4.

After all the hype about it I am very disapointed.

What a surprise that the Fluent people haven't answered the above message....

Unfortunately, the company was dped into buying a parallel license with there promises.

Dont make the same mistake.

Greg Perkins January 1, 2002 23:04

Re: The truth about Fluent 6
Yeah and the Eulerian model is apparently a cut-down version of that in Fluent 4 - ie you can't model heat transfer or chemical reactions etc.

Obviously they have had some major problems...

Many industrial applications need heat transfer! Go Figure!


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