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david December 25, 2001 00:30

Can you pls tell me in detail about the easy way of creating animations from the fluent output files (tiff/ps/jpeg)? what are the softwares available? DC

chiseung December 25, 2001 00:56

Re: animations
As far as I experienced, Ulead Gif Animater is easy to create animations. Both animated Gif file and AVI type file is possible with that tool.

If you use photoshop, I believe, your animated files would be more sophisticated.

Good Luck.

Josť Carlos December 26, 2001 09:05

Re: animations
Why don't you use Mpeg files directly from Fluent?? Maybe, you need one decoder program implemented in your workstation for making Mpeg files. Regards Josť Carlos PD: Feliz Navidad... :))

Sandeep December 26, 2001 16:31

Re: animations
I use JASC Software's Animation Shop. Its really neat. All you need is to ask fluent to write out all the image files ( i use tiff).

Sandeep December 26, 2001 16:34

Re: animations
Go to fluent website and search for animations. There is an article discussing the tips and tricks for creating advanced animations. I have also posted the link directly (hope it works)

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