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Sharad Dugad December 29, 2001 15:19

Is it Possible????
I want to simulate the turbulent flow in a channel, whose bed is porous and there is upward seepage through the bed along with a turbulent flow in the channel.

Is it possible to simulate the laminar flow in the porous sand bed and turbulent flow above the bed at the interface simultaneuosly to get velocity and shear stress distributions?

How to set the boundary condition at the sand & water interface which will take into account the roughness of sand and the upward seepage velocity? Please help at the earliest. Thanks in advance.

Sharad Dugad

david December 29, 2001 20:22

Re: Is it Possible????
U can solve for the two sets of domain, isolately. One for the laminar and one for the turbulent. Using the profile of the boundary conditions, you can exchange data from one set to another. It will take time to set it up. I wish I have enough time to set it up for you !! Read the manual for details.


Sharad Dugad December 30, 2001 00:45

Re: Is it Possible????
Dear David,

Thanks for both replies. Being a newbie in FLUENT I did not get a clue from your answer, exactly how to do it.

I read the manuals it seems if I use Porous Jump condition , I may get it. But how to do all these is not clear to me. Please help.

Sharad Dugad

david December 30, 2001 06:21

Re: Is it Possible????
A) For example, u are solving for two different systems, ok ? B) In the BC (in the interface), you read the profile from the other solutions (see the manual how to write and read a BC profile), C) write a script which will exchage the data at every some time steps or iterations..D) If you don't understand what I am talking about, try to solve the usual way, like consider the porous media... and solve...E) My understanding is Fluent porous media modeling is not good, though you will get converged solution.


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