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Theju December 31, 2001 07:28

Conduction in solid
Hello, can some one tell me how to invoke conduction in the solid region? (solid has been created in Gambit and has been imported properly into Fluent.)

Regards Thejasvi

chiseung January 1, 2002 08:08

Re: Conduction in solid
Just import msh file into Fluent and solve that problem. There is no special solver setting for solving conduction equation.

Thejasvi January 1, 2002 11:46

Re: Conduction in solid
Thanks Chiseung,I have done this..but the there is no temperature variation in the solid part...when defining boundary conditions,I have turned off the planar conduction because if that is on it gives a floating point exception..please shed some light in this direction.. Regards Theju

chiseung January 1, 2002 20:30

Re: Conduction in solid
I guess you are solving the conjugate heat transfer problem. If so, when you import the mesh file from GAMBIT, Fluent will automatically split the solid-fluid interface into the wall and wall_shadow region in your system. Try to find that your solver splitted the solid-fluid interface well and coupled option is used in a wall boundary menu.

P.S. I don't understand you turned off planar conduction but floating point execption is usually caused by the strong non-linearity of your problem. I've treated that problem by changing the relaxation factors and guessing proper initial values.

Ashutosh January 5, 2002 04:14

Re: Conduction in solid
I hope you are putting heat source in solid! You can monitor the temperature at specific wall to check whether the temperature is increasing or not due to heat generation.

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