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Althea January 10, 2002 06:00

particle locations
Hello all,

I have done a foolish thing, committed the CFD sin of not thinking through the post processing adequately before running a simulation of it.

I have done a simulation of gas flow past a static vortex generator in a pipe and added non-interacting particles with a rosin-rammler size distribution based on 7 size groups. I would like to see the position of the particles on a downstream post processing surface (which isn't a mesh plane). Ideally I would like to show the surface with marks to show where the different size particles are. I thought it would be pretty straight forward, but of course now that I am trying to do it, it isn't. I should have thought more carefully about it at the start.

Can anyone make any helpful suggestions (other than I should of thought of this before running the simulation which I know, but don't have time to redo)?

Hopefully waiting


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