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Sharad Dugad January 10, 2002 14:07

What is the concept of..
What is the concept of moving mesh? When & Where is it used? Can some one explain in details??

Ashutosh January 14, 2002 12:00

Re: What is the concept of..
The problems where boundaries change during the solution there is need to have moving mesh. For example piston movement in car engine to compute the pressure and other thermo-dynamic variables that define combustion. Similarly in a pump the rotor is rotating and you want to model the fluid dynamic behavior.Take a case of bird flying and flapping its wings, to capture the movement of air one may have to model the movement of wing( solid). Similarly you may find some examples in civil engineering. Software developers like Star-CD and Fluent have developed algorithms to solve these kind of problems. I am not an expert on this field, and you can get more information in this book:

Numerical Methods for Problems with Moving Fronts B. A. Findlayson

Covers moving boundary problems, including applications such as reacting flows in catalytic converters, phase change, polymers, and flow through porous media.

Format: Hardcover, English, 605 pages ISBN: 0963176501 Publisher: Ravenna Park Publishing Pub. Date: 1992

Enjoy! Ashutosh

Sharad Dugad January 19, 2002 13:12

Re: What is the concept of..
Dear Ashutosh,

Thanx a lot for the informative reply.


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