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Christian January 15, 2002 03:36

Grid problems

In meshing my GAMBIT model I have encountered the follwing message:

Impossible edge mesh/face scheme combination. Turn mesh_flags_incremental_display default on.

I don't know how to turn this on, and the manual is not much help. Does anyone out there know the answer ?


phil January 15, 2002 10:55

Re: Grid problems
go to EDIT in top left corner of screen. click on DEFAULTS click on MESH click on FLAGS radio button then set incremental_display variable to 1

Erwin January 15, 2002 17:13

Re: Grid problems
First of all, this message is part of a number (3) of possible causes of failure. Usually when I get this error message I have a problem with my vertex types: for example, I want to create a mapped mesh on a face, but the vertex types are screwed up (you need 4 vertices called 'E' at logical locations to create a mapped mesh).

Check your vertex types by selecting the face, and see if they match with what you really want to do. If there is a problem, you can change the vertex to the appropriate type in the 'Set face vertex type' panel (second from the right).

Christian January 16, 2002 03:55

Re: Grid problems
Thank you, Phil and Erwin

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