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Boisson January 16, 2002 11:47

User-Defined Functions
I want to compile two User-Defined functions in order to use them in the Boundary Conditions panel. So I have created my two functions. Then I have compiled sucessfully the two functions, one after the other. But when I open the boundary conditions panel (pressure inlet), there is only one function available. The first function compiled has been replaced by the second one. How it is possible to obtain several functions in the boundary conditions panel? I tried to create a library with two functions, but I didn't find anough information in the Help to perform it.

Thanks for your help.

Markus January 16, 2002 12:55

Re: User-Defined Functions
Hi Boisson

It's a good idea to write both DEFINE-functions in a single c-source file, give them different names and compile the single source file.

yours Markus

Greg Perkins January 18, 2002 23:09

Re: User-Defined Functions
there's no need to have the udfs in a single file.

if you have multiple files, you need to list them in your makefile.

If you have two or more functions, they must be compiled simulataneously, either in a single source file or in mutliple files. You can't compile one after the other into a single library using the fluent make files as supplied.


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