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Jacek January 30, 2002 09:35

Problem with DPM iteration

I writting to you, because of problems with Fluent and some calculations. During parallel process my PC (2 GB of RAM, 40 GB HDD and two PIII 733 MHz) under linux Red Hat 6.2 and Fluent 5.5 works ok until it must to calculate DPM. When it does it after few seconds is infotmation as follows:

"Primitve Error at Node 0: prf_all_to_one_scend_real: out of memory"

and it stacks. Have you any ideas how to fix this problem? Help, please.

Daniel Suasnabar January 30, 2002 18:51

Re: Problem with DPM iteration
Maybe the number of particles for the DPM calculation is to large. Try with smaller number of particles.

Jacek January 31, 2002 04:19

Re: Problem with DPM iteration
I started to calculate the same case on two different computers and on second one calculations go ok and it didn't stack. The number of particles in these two cases is same. The question is is my PC with PIII is not so enough to calculate DPM or should I try to reconfigure it (I mean linux and than fluent)?

Daniel Suasnabar January 31, 2002 06:13

Re: Problem with DPM iteration
The problem may be related to Fluent as your computer's RAM appears to be OK (assuming that the red hut Linux is OK). Maybe you should try to reconfigurate/reinstall Fluent. On the other hand Fluent may have a bug for the combination of computer/operating system you are using. I had similar problems long time ago with Alpha machines operating with NT. The same problem was OK for Unix system.

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