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hsin ping chang January 30, 2002 09:46

i have a problem about defining density~?? dear friend I found the mode of mixture viscosity in my model is similar with the definition of non-ideal gas mixtures viscosity in FLUENT 5.5 user¡¦s guide, therefore, I presumed the mode of density is non-ideal-gas either. Principally because I think for the same species there should be consistency properties in the same model, e.g. viscosity is defined with a non-ideal-gas property, and then density should not be defined by using incompressible-ideal-gas mode. I wonder whether you agree with it or not? Please let me know what sort of density mode you chose in your mind and why? Thank you very much.

Jin-Wook LEE January 30, 2002 20:35

Re: i have a problem about defining density~??
Ideal-gas model or incompressible-ideal-gas model is enough for for most species.

Which species are you considering for your simulation ?

Sincerely, Jinwook

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