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Im February 5, 2002 21:16

total pressure change in a pipe flow
hi everybody. I have been solve pipe flow with orifice. It's very simple problem. The pipe size is L=50m, D=1.0m. It has orifice at L=10m. As everybody knows, the recirculation region occured right after orifice. Because of these recirculating flow, the total pressure dropped suddenly. Now, My problem is that. The average total pressure at around orifice is lower than outlet average total pressure. Is it possible ? As I know, The static pressure at recirculation region is possibly lower than outlet pressure. Decreased static pressure can be increased as dynamic pressure decrease. but the total pressure never can increase without any additional energy. What is wrong? The solution of fluent or my thought that the total pressure never can increased without any addtional energy. If my idea is wrong, please let me know the mechanism of total pressure gain. thanks in advance.

hervé February 6, 2002 10:46

Re: total pressure change in a pipe flow
Make sure that you are using the so-called "mass-weighted" averaging.

If not, try it, you should see a decrease in the so-averaged total pressure.

Amadou Sowe February 6, 2002 13:50

Re: total pressure change in a pipe flow
What fluid material are you using?

Im February 6, 2002 20:07

Re: total pressure change in a pipe flow
I tried all kinds of average method. vertex, facet, mass weighted etc... As change averaging method, the magnitude of total pressure changed, but there is no change in the tendency.

Im February 6, 2002 20:09

Re: total pressure change in a pipe flow
I used air. I just change the density and viscosity. density = 0.82kg/m^3, and viscosity = 0.1cp

anand.jittanakatti February 23, 2017 09:55

It looks like due to wake there is a vacuum next to sudden expansion or the orifice, which is causing the total pressure decrease refer below link

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