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TOM February 7, 2002 12:27

Gambit Mesh quality
I would like to know, for the meshing quality and using the meshing quality tool provided by gambit, which of all those are the most important : area, aspect ratio, edge ratio, equiangle skew, equiangle size, volume. For example, when you control the mesh quality, is it more important to have a good area than a good equiangle skew.

And moreover at which point we can stop to improve our mesh, when we are in "excellent" cf table mesh quality or do we have to improve the mesh untilto be high quality (<0.1)

Thank you so much, looking forward any answer,


Andrew Parker February 8, 2002 08:00

Re: Gambit Mesh quality
The most important as I see it for 2D at least is equiangle skew and aspect ratio. Your equiangle skew should be no more than 0.5, but in fact if say you are modelling a boundary layer then make the angle very low, close to 0.1, in other areas it is less important. The aspect ratio again taking the example of the boundary layer try to make the aspect ratio in the boundary layer very low, and out side where the flow is less important it can be higher up to a certain value.



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