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jean February 12, 2002 10:45

Hi all,

Does someone know where can I find the definition of WALL_HEAT_FLUX (f,thread) used in Fluent? Is it in udf.h, sg.h, or somewhere else.

Thanks for your help.

Greg Perkins February 16, 2002 01:43

Re: WALL_HEAT_FLUX(f,thread)
This is in sg.h. Is easy to answer these questions by doing a grep on the fluent5.5/src folder. On windows, use the find files and search for text etc.

It should however be accesible by including just udf.h

In terms of its physical meaning, that's not so easy. One assumes its the heat flux through the boundary in the direction of the unit normal. Normally boundary faces have the unit normal pointing into the domain, so a positive flux represents heat input to the domain.

You may need to test this.


jean February 16, 2002 06:25

Re: WALL_HEAT_FLUX(f,thread)
Thanks, I test that and it seems to be a good definition you've done.

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