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aszbestos February 13, 2002 08:59

Filter lifetime
Hi! I want to know, how can I find out the lifetime of a filter for fluids. Is there a general formula for that, or can it be found out just by practical experiences. I need to calculate the lifetime of a filter from a conveyor. The filter has an 80-micron mesh openings and the fluid is a water-soluble coolant that flows at 55gpm. The particles are aluminum very small particles that are filtered. From the inside of the filter there are some nozzles that spray water to clean the filter. My duty is to calculate how much this filter will survive. I found on the Internet at a 'formula' that looks like calculating the lifetime of a filter but I guess it's just for a specified type of filter and I don't think it can be used on any filters... But, that's just guessing... So, can anybody help me with some suggestions, opinions or information? Thank you in advance, Serban

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