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André February 14, 2002 04:49

Smoke properties in Airpak
Dear Forum visiters,

Has anyone done simulations concerning smokedistribution in Airpak? What properties should be given to the smoke? How satisfying are the results?

(I hope there are some Airpak users in the World)

With regards,

André van Maarschalkerwaard

walter schwarz February 14, 2002 10:14

Re: Smoke properties in Airpak
stricly speaking, smoke is a combination of carbon particulates (1-20 micron dia) and gases ... i usually model smoke as the products of the chemical equation describing the combustion and so i usually model a mixture of air and "smoke" with an air mass sink to account for oxygen consumption and a smoke mass source plus the energy source.

i used this approach for modeling one of the transient full-scale fire experiments from the series performed the Memorial Tunnel in West Virgina. results compared well to experimental data for both temperature and smoke distribution. check out an animation of transient smoke distribution from the tunnel fire simulation at

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