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Mavinakere February 15, 2002 04:19

structured meshing
Hi, how can one create Structured Quadrilateral Grid,Multiblock Structured Quadrilateral Grid,O-Type Structured Quadrilateral Grid,C-Type Structured Quadrilateral Grid as shown in the figures of FLUENT guide (chapter 5.1,grid topologies)using GAMBIT.Can anybody say where can i find tutorials to make such meshes.GAMBIT meshing tutorials did not give me enough ideas to do this.thanks for any help. Mavinakere.

lei zhou February 25, 2002 10:57

Re: structured meshing
Hi, you can do this by choose "mapping scheme" option when you try to generate face mesh(or 3d volume mesh),and you can obtain a structured mesh which is writed in unstructured manner, then you can convert such mesh into general structured mesh by writing a small converting program.

Mavinakere February 25, 2002 13:04

Re: structured meshing
Hi,yes i did obtain a structured mesh which is writed in unstructured what kind of converting program should i write ..please give me more insight. Thanks.Mavinakere.

lei zhou March 1, 2002 07:20

Re: structured meshing
I have writen two codes to convert unstructured surface mesh and unstructured volume mesh into structured meshes, this work toke me four days.

From Gambit, you can save mesh data (coordinate data and connection data) of any volume into a "trn" file by enquiring the mesh data information,right?

then you can obtain a data file recording mesh data of the unstructured surface (or volume) mesh.

After that, you can convert this data file into structured mesh data file by using my converter program.

I wonder if you will accept my two exe file by your e-mail address?

Mavinakere March 1, 2002 16:52

Re: structured meshing
Hi, if the exe files are not big i,e more than 1.5mb would be difficult in my mailbox.if it is less..plz send me..if it not still you can send in this mail thank you.mavinakere.

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