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Hua Gu February 15, 2002 13:57

help on gambit
Hi, all

I am trying to generate a 3-D duct (some kind of like an elbow) in Gambit, but I have no Autocad at hand, so I plan to use vertex data, since I have some gemetry data on the duct surface. The problem is that I have no manual for the gambit v1.3.0, can anybody give me a help on the format of vertex data files. Thanks


M. Tabaddor February 15, 2002 14:50

Re: help on gambit
your gambit cd should have come with a documentation cd, where the answer to your question resides.

Hua Gu February 15, 2002 15:29

Re: help on gambit
thanks, Tabaddor. But the problem is that the administrator of the lab did not install completely, so I can not use "help" in gambit, and I am wondering whether I can find that document cd from them. So I would like to learn its format here.

l.g.patil February 16, 2002 11:55

Re: help on gambit
hi, you can get more information in webs. use google search with key word as gambit tutorial. bye

Hua Gu February 16, 2002 13:09

Re: help on gambit
thanks,that will be helpful.

Hua Gu February 16, 2002 13:13

Re: help on gambit
but in the tutorial, only importing IGES file is discussed, which will not solve my problem.

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