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Levanto February 18, 2002 00:54

[Question] in reading mesh file

I have fews questions. I made mesh file in Gambit.2.0 succesfully. In fluent, I read this file and had a warning like the following.

Warning: Number of nodes read (150448) does not match number referenced (150447). Resetting counter to match the number referenced.

What's worng? After I check smooth/swap in GRID of Fluent, I got the following messages.

moved 26 nodes, unable to move 1 nodes, most skewness improvement 0.084723, 3 remaining iterations. moved 34 nodes, unable to move 2 nodes, most skewness improvement 0.100513, 2 remaining iterations. moved 25 nodes, unable to move 2 nodes, most skewness improvement 0.101831, 1 remaining iterations. moved 20 nodes, unable to move 3 nodes, most skewness improvement 0.127394, 0 remaining iterations. Done.

Please, let me know what the solution are.

Thanks in advance.

Armin Gips February 18, 2002 03:37

Re: [Question] in reading mesh file
I had the same problem. I created a new mesh file in gambit and it worked....

Yours Armin

Eric February 18, 2002 12:41

Re: [Question] in reading mesh file
I am having a very similar issue with the number of nodes not matching the number of node referenced. Is it okay to ignore this, meaning, is it just a simple warning or a critical error (it comes up as a warning).

In addition, how do you check the skewness of your mesh in Gambit or Fluent?


Philipp Beierer February 19, 2002 09:42

... you can check the skewness in both Solver and Gambit, like you want. But I would recommend the later one as it provides more mesh-quality type specifications and is more "user-friendly" (see about details in the Gambit User's guide chapter 3.4 (release 2.0))

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