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jonathan February 18, 2002 04:57

can Fluent do aeroacoustics??
hi, i am currently looking for a commercial software that can specifically solve for the aeroacoustics siganatures that some directly from the exhaust of an airplane exhaust outlet and/or the aeroacoustics noise that comes from the engine stator-rotor interaction.

I heard that Fluent 6.0 has such capability. is that true? please do enlighten. thanks

Jonas Larsson February 18, 2002 07:36

Re: can Fluent do aeroacoustics??
Very few, if any, commercial codes can do this today.

Fluent is working on implementing Lighthill etc., but I'd expect them to be far away from an aero-acoustic tool that can predict what you want. Aero-acoustic simulations demand much better numerics, with high order dispersion relation preserving schemes and "super absorbing" boundary conditions with "sponge layers" - Fluent has neither afaik.

We are currently using only in-house tools, based on linearised euler methods, for this type of simulations.

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