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Q Chen February 20, 2002 16:35

Material define
Hi, I defined a kind of new material in the material panel. Then in the injection panel, I can not find the material I deifned in the material list. Can anyone tell me how to define a new injection material? Thanks!


Hua Gu February 20, 2002 17:29

Re: Material define
did you press Change/Creat bottom after you define the material?

Q Chen February 20, 2002 18:22

Yes, I did.
Yes, I did. I can see the material I defined in the material database. But I can not see it under the material list in the injection panel.

Hua Gu February 20, 2002 19:02

Re: Yes, I did.
I think that is due to your new material is not saved in the FLUENT database. But I have no idea about putting a local material into database.

Q Chen February 20, 2002 21:54

I put it in database
I did put it in the data base. But I am wondering if FLUENT is using two set of material databases.

Hua Gu February 20, 2002 22:02

Re: I put it in database
if you only press change/creat, the data will not be put into database, it is just stored soemwhere as a local data, if you save the case, it will be stored in case file, not in database.

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