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Mavinakere February 24, 2002 03:38

reporting lift force
Hi, How can i find lift force acting on a particular profile of an object,say for example i have a circular object and if i need to find lift force only on a part of lower bottom of the circular object.Thanks for any suggestions.Mavinakere.

Andrew Parker February 25, 2002 06:19

Re: reporting lift force
I have been modelling a circular cylinder, of course unless the cylinder is rotating then there will be no lift, but I wanted to get the drag on certain parts of the cylinder, the only way I could do it was to model the cylinder in gambit with four sections of a circle. Then when I import it into fluent I can report the drag on any of the four faces or all of the faces. Of course if you want more parts then just divide the cylinder into more sections.

Hope this helps,


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