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Jie February 25, 2002 15:41

Grid Adaption problems

I have a problem of FLuent grid adaption. How to use register to refine grid? I don't how much I can use for refine threshold on the grid adaption panel. However the default value 1 e 10 is too much for any adaption. I want to know how much refine threshold you used for mass imbalance , velocity and pressure correction.

Thanks very much.


Erwin February 26, 2002 12:03

Re: Grid Adaption problems
Look at your grid & solution to find what might be off: cell size to big to capture fine flow details, high velocity or pressure gradients, etc etc. Then decide how to adapt: boundary adaption, region, gradient, etc etc. Set the limits in such way that:

1) you capture the problem area. Use the 'Display' option in the 'Manage' panel to see where the marked cells are.

2) you end up with a reasonable amount of cells after adaption.

Repeat process until satisfied.

You can use registers for more complex adaptions: you can select one type of adaption, mark the cells, then select another adaption, mark the cells again, and then the 'Manage' panel allows you to combine them or subtract the registers from one another (by using 'Change Type' before you combine).

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