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Rob February 27, 2002 16:54

3-D Solver error
Dear All,

I am trying to run a 3-D case in Fluent and I am constantly receiving an error. Briefly I am running a fuselage and wing configuration with pressure far field boundary conditions with a tet mesh. I am interested in running it at mach = 0.6 with a turbulence model( I have tried the S-A and k-e models). However I am getting an error. I have tried to run it inviscid as well as at a much lower mach number (mach = 0.1) just to simplify the problem and see what is causing the error. However the error still shows up and the solver quits. The error I am receiving is this:

Error: > (greater-than): invalid argument [2]: wrong type [not a number] Error Object: nan0x10000000invalid command [Error:]

Sometimes it also says "infinity" as well. The error as well as diverging residuals are killing me. If anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening and possible solutions to my problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you...Rob

Jonas Larsson February 27, 2002 17:43

Re: 3-D Solver error
Diffiult to say what causes it. Have you checked grid quality? Have you tried different solvers? (both the coupled implicit solver and the segregated solver should work well for this case). Have you remembered to scale your model? (in case your mesh is in mm or so). Tried different initial fields? Tried lowering the courant number and under-relaxation factors?

I've run a lot of air-intake simulations in Fluent on fighter-jet geometries at similar conditions without any problems, so don't give up - it is probably some small misstake that you need to find and fix.

Rob March 22, 2002 03:53

Re: 3-D Solver error
Hey Jonas, Thank you for the suggestions. It turns out that my grid quality was not very good. I was not sure what values to keep the skewness under. However I did find the info and cleaned up my grid a bit and all is fine now. Thank you for your help. Happily converging...Rob

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