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Eric February 28, 2002 18:55

GAMBIT Question
In my FLUENT.INC\NTBIN\NTX86 directory, I have a bunch of folders that are taking up space by having journal and transcript files of old Gambit files I have deleted (in the NTX86 folder itself). Examples of the names of the folders are GAMBIT.1004 or GAMBIT.452, etc. In addition, some of these folders have folders in them named "macsubdir."

Is it okay to delete these folders? Can anyone tell me what these folders actually do? Thank you.


Erwin February 28, 2002 19:30

Re: GAMBIT Question
These are old folders that are normally cleaned up when you exit Gambit the proper way. Gambit uses them for temporary files during a session. What you have left on your harddrive are the remnants of Gambit sessions that ended abruptly and I'm sure also unhappily...

eric February 28, 2002 23:24

Re: GAMBIT Question
Thank you Erwin. So I assume it is okay to delete these specific folders? And yes, you're right, the sessions did end quite unhappily.


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