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david March 2, 2002 03:56

Any one knows and good references for Scaling up processes using CFD ? Journals? Books ? DC

Jin-Wook LEE March 6, 2002 06:53

Re: Scale-up
Refer the concept of 'similitude(similiarity)'.

Simple theoretical background is well presented at the 'Fluid Flow : A first course ......', R.H. Sabersky et. al.

For your reference :

1) Geometric similarity is very important. As my personal point of view, this is the most important.

2) Similarity for nondimensional parameter, e.g., swirl number, Reynolds number, and so on. For turbulent flow, similarity for Reynolds number is not so important. For reactor design, residence time is very important. And ......

So, first of all, you should search which nondimensional parameter is the most important for your system.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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