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Christian March 5, 2002 12:14

Invisible mesh in Gambit

I have made an invisible mesh in Gambit. I dit not mean to though, don't know how I did it and I do not know what it is. Fluent however is ignoring the invisible mesh.

Can anyone tell me what an invisible mesh is (and how to make one) ?

Cheers Christian

Philipp Beierer March 6, 2002 01:57

Re: Invisible mesh in Gambit
Invisible mesh? Could it be that you have just turned off the visibility? Have you tried "Mesh-On", "Visible-On" when selected all volumes in the "Specify Display Attributes"?

Christian March 6, 2002 02:45

Re: Invisible mesh in Gambit
Yes. It is not that. Gambit states that the mesh is invisible, and fluent cannot see the mesh. The display attributes is, as I understand it, only a visual manipulation for my benefit, and not commands that alter the mesh.

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