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stephen davis March 5, 2002 16:30

In Gambit, what does this mean:

"Meshing volume volume.4 aborted because it has invalid topology."

Is there anyway to mesh a volume with this statement.

Tomas March 6, 2002 04:29

Maybe are there virtual faces or lines that aren't connected? Otherwise I don't know! Good luck!

harry March 8, 2002 23:55

maybe your grid is not consistent

Erwin March 11, 2002 11:52

Probably a vertex mixup!
I have had problems in the past that seemed like yours, an error message that I didn't understand and no way to mesh the volume. My solution to the problem was to check all the vertices. It is possible that you inadvertently created multiple vertices at the same or nearly same location. Subsequently weird and open volumes are created from these vertices if you don't know they are there. So do this:

go to the 'Summarize Vertices' panel, and shift-leftclick on a vertex. Note the vertex number and then shift-middleclick on that same vertex. Check if the number changes, if it does then you're in trouble.

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