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yangqing March 12, 2002 21:32

what is defferent among fluent products
i know the products of include fluent6, fluent5, fluent/uns,fidap. who can tell me the different of them. thanks

Yvonne March 13, 2002 03:51

Re: what is defferent among fluent products
Hi yangping!

Isn't it written in the manuals? For Fluent6, there is ' New Features in Fluent6' in the 'Release Notes..'-chapter. bye

nesusa March 13, 2002 09:20

Fluid & Structure Interaction......
I want to use Fluent for Fluid & Structure Interaction.A shockwave due to blasting gets obstructed by a metal cantilever bar.That Cantilever bar will deflect due to the impact of that shockwave. In this variation in temperature,Strain hardening of Metal of Cantilever, Fracture on metal surface, Changes in properties of Metal from Elastic to Plastic are to be considered. Is it possible to do this using Fluent.

yangqing March 13, 2002 20:31

Re: Fluid & Structure Interaction......
ansys may reach you need better.

yangqing March 13, 2002 20:34

Re: what is defferent among fluent products
why some version, such as fluent4/5/6, fluent/uns, are still in use. only the fluent6 is enough? thanks

Yvonne March 14, 2002 06:14

Re: what is defferent among fluent products

Yes, one would think that fluent6 should be enough. But I know that some models were eg implemented in 4 but not in 5 but now again in 6. And unfortunately calculations with the same properties and models gave different results in different versions, which is really unsatisfying and shouldn't be like that. Perhaps its better to ask fluent directly which version is the best in your case. Good luck, Yvonne

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