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Thitikorn March 20, 2002 06:02

Multiphase + Multicomponent
I use Fluent v4.5 (really new user) And I have problem to simulate model have Multiphase+Multicomponent. I have sample case.

Assume if I want to simulate water in half volume of tank (close system) and air in another half one and water is evaporated to H2O vapor then mix with air I want to see profile of fraction of H2O vapor and air in gas phase. How can I simulate it?

I try to add species of H2O(v) and air in phase AIR and add only species of H2O(l) in phase WATER. I don't know to add mass exchange between H2O(v) & H2O(l) in 2 phase.

Or I have to use another version of Fluent. Anybody help me please.


Jerry March 20, 2002 13:05

Re: Multiphase + Multicomponent
as I know, Fluent is not good to sumulate two-phase problems.

Thitikorn March 20, 2002 14:28

Are you serious?
Dear Jerry,

Do you think Fluent can't simulate multiphase+multicomponent model? But in manual of Fluent tell me it can simulate (but don't have example for me ;..( )

And my research have to use fluent to simulate too. (It is my advisor idea.) So. How can I do for my research?

I don't know, Can I use UDS to solve my problem? Because now I can't compile and link my UDS to Fluent. (I am ordering Absoft Pro Fortran v7.0 for compiler)

Yvonne March 21, 2002 04:32

Re: Are you serious?
Hi! I'm working with a two-phase-flow. I'm using the Euler-Euler-model but can't really tell something too exciting, yet. Anyhow I think you should use the mixture model and I have no experience with it. just try it and you#ll see. Or, if you have the possibility to use CFX (another CFD-Software), try that. As far as I heard, they have more experience with multi-phase-stuff, hence i guess they could be better. Good luck, Yvonne

Yvonne March 21, 2002 04:35

Re: Are you serious?
hi again! additional. I'm not too sure about the mixture model, so don't take that too serious. You should look really carefully, whether you use VOF, mixture or Euler-Euler. Yvonne

Thitikorn March 21, 2002 04:38

Re: Are you serious?
Thanks Yvonne.

I see CFX can solve my problem. (from web of CFX) I may be try it.

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