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Ferraris March 21, 2002 17:55

Continuity residual
hi every one :

I have a little problem with the conticuity residual. I m modelling a 3d natural convection problem and it seems not easy reduce this residual in particular. I am using linear aproximation of the density like force source in the momentum equation, and i m not sure what this continuity residual means.

I could not find this explanation in the manuals .

Thank you in advance.


Jin-Wook LEE March 22, 2002 03:03

Re: Continuity residual
You can be advised by the Fluent's 'HELP' option.

Help --> Index --> Definition of residuals.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Greg Perkins March 22, 2002 07:21

Re: Continuity residual
I've found that often problems with continuity stem from a poor mesh. Making a better mesh often helps the continuity equation residuals.

(though I've done very little natural convection..)

An easy way to check is to use grid adaption on your existing grid in regions where residuals are high. If this works, you can then go back and create a better starting grid. I also suggest using hexas or quads if possible in preference to tets and tris.


paolofug87 March 23, 2017 14:07

Continuity residual after restart
I faced a problem after restarting a transient simulation after a stop without changing anything.
The issue is that the continuity residuals (only) skip on a upper value.
Who could explain this?

Tks in advance

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