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icho mehdi March 31, 2002 09:47

boundaray conditions
hello everyone

could someone tell me how to define a non uniform velocity_inlet for boundary conditions. like a tangent hyperbolyc profile of velocity

thank you so much

jwt April 1, 2002 02:34

Re: boundaray conditions
Please use UDF.

paul April 3, 2002 08:23

Re: boundaray conditions
If you go to the help files there is a tutorial with unsteady flow through a pipe. In this example they have a sine wave. All you need to do is change the sine wave in the udf to what ever you want i.e. a fourier series and follow the rest of the steps

Peter April 13, 2002 16:47

Re: boundaray conditions
You can generate a hyperbolic profile for the velocity in excel. Then, the geometry you can generate a .prof file (find the format in the help of FLUENT). Then you read the profile in FLUENT and apply this profile in the BC panel in FLUENT.


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