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pp April 3, 2002 07:02

Tgrid on RH_Linux_72

Anybody try to install Tgrid on RedHat Linux 7.2. I have problems with opening File-Open And File-Write box's.


Jonas Larsson April 3, 2002 07:15

Re: Tgrid on RH_Linux_72
Yes, it is the same problem which affects FLUENT 5 on RedHat 7.1 and 7.2.

I don't know if Fluent has a version of Tgrid which works on 7.2 - you had better ask your support engineer. They solved the problems in FLUENT 5 (with the inofficial 5.7 release) so they should know how to fix it.

If you manage to get a fixed Tgrid version from Fluent please let us know.

Shyam Kishor April 10, 2002 15:08

Re: Tgrid on RH_Linux_72
The problem has been fixed. Next release (Q3 of this year) of TGrid will be supported on RH_Linux_7.2. In case you have un urgent need, please contact your local Fluent Support Engineer to request a prerelease version.

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